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Welcome to a new, exciting chapter for the organization once known as the Professional Helicopter Pilots Association. Join us as we continue our mission of promoting helicopter safety, educating pilots, offering valuable resources, and connecting the helicopter pilots of Southern California with the communities that they serve.

Welcome To southern california rotorcraft association


A collection of resources for researching flight restrictions in Southern California.

Fly Neighborly

Information about this invaluable noise abatement campaign started by Helicopter Association International (HAI).

Hollywood Bowl

Information for pilots about minimizing helicopter noise in the Cahuenga Pass during concert season.

Laser Strikes

Resources for pilots who have been affected of unwanted and illegal laser activity.

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Our Latest News


PHPA Becomes Southern California Rotorcraft Association

PHPA Press Release September 15, 2020 Los Angeles, CA.The Professional Helicopter Pilots Association (PHPA) was established in the 1960’s in Southern California. Our mission has always been to advocate for the safe o


CalFire: Aerial Firefighting Drop Safety Video

This video, released by CalFire, takes a look at the dangers of getting caught beneath an aerial fire retardant or water drop.


2020 Board Election Results

The current election cycle for 2020 has concluded. The following Board members were re-elected and their terms will extend until July 2022.Dave Andrews (seat 2)Jim Paules (seat 4)Jim Woodaman (seat 6)Steve Goldsworthy