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Nature Conservancy Advisory: Santa Clara River Overflights

The Nature Conservancy has reached out again this year regarding helicopter operations over the Santa Clara River in Ventura County. Low altitude overflights have significant adverse affects on birds in the area. You can read more about this in the document below. Nature Conservancy: Santa Clara River Recommended Altitudes

PHPA Media Guide v4.5 Released

We have updated our PHPA Media Guide with some frequency updates. Download your updated copy today. PHPA Media Guide v4.5 – Print Version PHPA Media Guide v4.5 – Web Version

StubHub Center TFR

There is now an ongoing TFR over the Stub Hub in Carson during NFL games, much like the Dodger Stadium TFR. PHPA would like to remind everyone to stay 3 miles clear of the StubHub Center from 1 hour before the game until 1 hour after.

FAA Letter to Airmen: 1205/1206 Squawk Codes

Earlier this week, the FAA released an official Letter to Airmen regarding the use of the 1205/1206 squawk codes in the Los Angeles area. Issued: 07/29/2016 2009 (UTC) Effective: 07/29/2016 2200 (UTC) Cancellation: 07/29/2018 1200 (UTC) OSG Western Service Area Letter to Airmen: LTA-OSGW-8 Subject: Beacon Codes for Helicopter Operations within the Los Angeles region …

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LAX Class D Airspace Now Active

FAAST Notice Number: NOTC3900 Beginning June 28 2012, LAX Class D airspace is activated north and south of LAX airport. This Class D airspace is adjacent to LAX Class B airspace and SMO Class D airspace. South of LAX, the Class D is adjacent to HHR class D airspace. Due to the close proximity of …

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FAA Issues NOTAM 9/5145 to Replace NOTAM 3/2123 (Disney TFR)

FAA ISSUES NOTAM 9/5145 TO REPLACE NOTAM 3/2123 (DISNEY TFR) BACKGROUND: On March 18, 2003, the FAA issued NOTAM 3/2123 which established a permanent “Temporary” Flight Restriction which restricted all General Aviation aircraft from operating within 3 NM miles around Disneyland Theme Park below the altitude of 3000 feet MSL. The TFR allowed for the …

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