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A Look Back: KTLA “Telecopter” First Live Broadcast in 1958

The video shows the first live broadcast from the KTLA Telecopter, a Bell 47 helicopter which was the first known news helicopter ever in use. The reporter in the clip is legendary KTLA broadcaster Stan Chambers. KTLA news copter test run in 1958 (LAObserved)

CalTrans Utilizes Sikorsky S-58 For Malibu Roadway Maintenance

Portions of Pacific Coast Highway were closed today as a helicopter was brought in for maintenance on the adjacent hillside. #PCH: crew attaching rock nets to S-58 Sikorsky helicopter in #PtMugu. 30 mins delays till 8p. @CHPsouthern — Caltrans District 7 (@CaltransDist7) May 27, 2015

L.A. County Fire Helicopter Makes Unplanned Appearance During Malibu Wedding

We caught this story online and thought it was worth sharing. Check out how a Bell 412 from L.A. County Fire ended up making a surprise appearance at a beachfront wedding in Malibu. L.A. County Fire Helicopter Appearance During Malibu Wedding (Mirror) Helicopter Interrupts Beach Wedding, Rescued Climber Apologizes to Newlyweds (ABC7 Chicago)

Presidential Helicopter Pilot from SoCal

A local pilot and author of the book “Inside the President’s Helicopter” tells his story of flying around some of this nation’s most notable people. ARTICLE: Presidents’ pilot tells… most (OC Weekly) RELATED LINK: Inside The President’s Helicopter (Amazon)