Why Should I Join SoCal Rotors?

SoCal Rotors works routinely with local organizations like the Hollywood Bowl and local homeowner associations to facilitate the distribution of noise abatement materials and information to the helicopter community.

SoCal Rotors is a proud affiliate of the Helicopter Association International (HAI). We support the HAI “Fly Neighborly” Guidelines and encourage our members to learn about them. We provide valuable assistance to HAI when their Heli-Expo event comes to Southern California, and we attend Heli-Expo and other HAI events nationwide to stay updated on changes in the industry.

SoCal Rotors frequently works in conjunction with other aviation organizations as well, including AOPA and ERHC, to ensure that the voice of our industry is heard during challenging regulatory times.

SoCal Rotors Board of Directors and Advisors are volunteers that come from all sectors of the industry, including operators, manufacturers, and other industry professionals who work diligently to maintain the strength and vitality of our industry. Our legal liaisons actively work with local, state & federal officials in protecting our public-use heliports.

SoCal Rotors continues to lead the way in the area of helicopter noise abatement. Our organization offers a noise complaint form on our web site, and the information is used to define and establish SoCal Rotors HotSpots, where pilots are advised of known problem areas. Additionally, we attend meetings for local city councils, airport advisory boards and local homeowners associations to ensure that we address any grievances from the community and provide the path for solutions.


What Benefits Will I Receive?

SoCal Rotors regularly distributes emails that contain important information to our members, including TFR & NOTAM advisories, notification of upcoming events and seminars, and information regarding noise-sensitive areas and SoCal Rotors HotSpots.

SoCal Rotors provides this website ( provides valuable information to helicopter operators, including quick access to TFR maps, forms to suggest newsletter content, a calendar of upcoming events, laser strike reporting, and general helicopter safety content.

SoCal Rotors “Main Rotor” quarterly newsletters provide updates about our organization, our industry and our members and local operators.

SoCal Rotors Safety Seminars provide an opportunity for our members to gain valuable knowledge from some of the top leaders in our industry, with past seminars offering topics related to crew resource management, government regulation and Homeland Security, flight training, firefighting, law enforcement, news media, tour operations, airspace definition and changes, and more. Our events will usually offer catering and other accommodations as an added bonus to our members.

SoCal Rotors “Helicopter Awareness Day” events are now held in collaboration with other local helicopter air shows and events, including the American Heroes Air Show. These events provide a place for the community and the helicopter industry to come together to meet, exchange ideas and learn about the crews & equipment that provide valuable essential services in both the public & private sector.

SoCal Rotors works in conjunction with public service operators to publish safety materials (including our Public Service & Media Aviation Guidelines booklet) and offer hosted events (including our annual Fire Service Briefing) where private operators can meet the firefighting and law enforcement aviation professionals and get updated information about the requirements of flying near their incidents.

SoCal Rotors provides a great opportunity to network with other aviation professionals in your community.

By paying your Annual Membership Dues, you give us the financial foundation that allows us to continue fighting unfair or restrictive government regulations, protecting our heliports, promoting aviation safety and educating pilots, working together with the public, and securing a healthy future for our industry.


I’m Sold. How Do I Sign Up Online?

You can join SoCal Rotors by clicking the link below.


Can I Sign Up by Mail Instead?

Sure! You can also download and print our application form by clicking the link below.

SoCal Rotors Membership Application Form v2.8

Please send your completed application form, along with your dues payment, to the address below.

SoCal Rotors
440 N. Barranca Ave. #3943
Covina, CA 91723