PHPA & SoCal Rotors History


The Professional Helicopter Pilots Association, also known as the PHPA, started operating in 1966. The organization was founded in the aftermath of a mid-air collision between a radio traffic reporting helicopter and an LAPD helicopter near Dodgers Stadium. The crash took the lives of five people, all were aboard the two helicopters. (You can read about the incident here.)

In 2020, the name of the organization was changed to the Southern California Rotorcraft Association, and adopted the moniker SoCal Rotors.

The organization has a long history of volunteers who recognized the need to guarantee the strength of our industry for years to come.

PHPA Membership Certificate (1969)

PHPA Membership Pin (1969)


PHPA/SoCal Rotors Mission Statement

Promote safety and understanding among helicopter pilots

Coordinate efforts towards improving communications, methods of operation within the airspace system, or any other area that will contribute to the safety and education of all pilots

Provide a forum for identifying and seeking resolution to local problems of interest to the membership

Promote community relations between the public and the helicopter industry