Southern California Rotorcraft Association

Southern California Rotorcraft Association

The Southern California Rotorcraft Association (“SoCal Rotors”), operating as the PHPA in earlier years, created the HotSpot system that lets us work hand-in-hand with the community regarding concerns about helicopter related noise.

What are HotSpots?

They are designed to identify communities, neighborhoods and venues that have an increased level of helicopter-related noise complaints. The HotSpot are not intended to depict geographic “no fly zones”. Rather, this information is intended to alert all aviation-related operators to the increased levels of community awareness to aviation operations within their neighborhoods. This information can then assist operators in implementing mitigation measures, including varying their operations in the vicinity of that HotSpot.

The listings below are current areas that SoCal Rotors has identified as HotSpots.

Hollywood Bowl HotSpot

SoCal Rotors is continuing our tradition of working with The Hollywood Bowl and The John Anson Ford Theater as we work towards bringing awareness to the issue of noise generated from helicopter overflights during the Los Angeles summer concert season.

LAX Industrial Route HotSpot

SoCal Rotors is working with the Southern California Airspace Users Group in addressing noise complaints involving helicopter overflights in the area of the LAX Industrial Transition Route for helicopters.

West Hollywood HotSpot

SoCal Rotors is working with The City of West Hollywood and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Aero Bureau in addressing noise complaints involving helicopter overflights in the city of West Hollywood.

Van Nuys HotSpot

SoCal Rotors is working with the Citizens Advisory Committee of Van Nuys (CAC) and Los Angeles World Airports in addressing helicopter-related noise complaints in the Van Nuys area.

Please contact us if you would like to suggest a HotSpot in your area.

And don’t forget… Get Educated, Not Regulated!

Get Educated, Not Regulated!