Southern California Rotorcraft Association

Southern California Rotorcraft Association

SoCal Rotors supports and promotes the Fly Neighborly program created by Helicopter Association International.

The Fly Neighborly program is a voluntary noise reduction program designed to be implemented by local helicopter operators, large and small. The Fly Neighborly program offers the technical information necessary for helicopter operators to use current equipment as quietly as practical, and to communicate to the public their efforts to make helicopter operations compatible with nearly all land uses.

The objectives of the Fly Neighborly program are to address noise abatement and public acceptance objectives with programs in the following areas:

Pilot and operator awareness
Pilot training and indoctrination
Flight operations planning
Public acceptance and safety
Sensitivity to the concerns of the community

The Fly Neighborly Guide is published by the Helicopter Association International to promote helicopter noise abatement procedures.

It is intended to serve only as a guide.

The guidelines are intended to assist pilots, operators and managers with establishing an effective, self-sustained Fly Neighborly program. The flight procedures and concepts outlined are further tailored by each operator to suit local needs, and to ensure that local or regional organizations cooperate to develop a strong, well-organized and disciplined approach to achieving Fly Neighborly objectives.

Additional information about the Fly Neighborly program is available here:

Helicopter Association International
1635 Prince Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Please review our SoCal Rotors HotSpots page for an updated list of locations with helicopter noise issues.

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