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Take Action on the Statue of Liberty and Governors Island ATM Voluntary Agreement
We need your help submitting public comments on National Park Service (NPS) plans for the Statue of Liberty and Governors Island National Monuments. The NPS and FAA are seeking the comments on a proposed commercial air tour management (ATM) voluntary agreement for the two monuments. Public comments are being accepted during a 30-day period that started on Oct. 21 and will end on Nov. 21.

Since advocacy groups opposed to air tours are currently submitting comments to stop this voluntary agreement, HAI strongly encourages tour operators to submit their own comments. To assist in this effort, HAI has created a template to help simplify the comment-submission process. You can submit an HAI-endorsed prewritten comment directly to NPS in three simple steps:

1. View (and customize, if you like) your comments to the NPS on the voluntary agreement here.
2. Enter your contact information.
3. Submit the comments.

Thank you for engaging in this important advocacy effort, and please encourage others to submit comments too.

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