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PRESS RELEASE – PHPA Responds to LAAHNC Decision to File Petitions with the FAA

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On October 20, 2015, the LAAHNC announced in a Press Release that they had filed petitions with the FAA asking for the establishment of mandatory regulations for helicopter flights above Los Angeles County.

Despite published statements to the contrary from some of the stakeholder groups who maintain no significant progress has been made, the PHPA stands firmly with the FAA and believes that the multi-party collaborative group of industry and homeowners representatives have made significant progress. The PHPA has participated in 57 collaborative meetings with the LAAHNC and FAA. Hundreds if not thousands of hours have been spent exploring a variety of solutions that are safe for all aircraft and at the same time mitigate the helicopter noise over the community.

The PHPA is saddened that the LAAHNC felt it necessary to withdraw from further discussions with helicopter pilots and operators regarding helicopter routes and altitudes. We remain committed to attending the monthly noise complaint data review meetings with the FAA and are glad that the LAAHNC has decided to continue with this aspect.

We anticipate the FAA’s process of reviewing the LAAHNC’s petitions will be a lengthy one. We affirm our belief that collaboration between the helicopter pilots and operators and the LAAHNC will lead to far more favorable and quicker results for everyone than regulations.

The PHPA resolves to work through the concerns of the citizens of Los Angeles County relating to helicopter noise. We will continue to strive for solutions that are fair and reasonable to all parties.
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