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Anaheim Police Helicopter Called In To Dry Angel Stadium Outfield

Ask most people what they envision as a typical day for the crew of “Angel”, the Anaheim Police Department helicopter, and the answer will probably include activities like chasing suspects or helping to locate missing persons. But July 20 was anything but typical for the crew of the helicopter, who were called to assist with the most unusual task. The pilot slowly maneuvered the aircraft back and forth over the stadium outfield, in hopes that the rotor downwash combined with the hot engine exhaust would assist in drying the playing surface. Helicopters are regularly used in agricultural areas like the San Joaquin Valley to help farmers prevent damaging frost build-up on their crops, but the use of helicopters in baseball stadiums is uncommon, to say the least. The following clips and photos are just a fraction of what we found online. Enjoy.

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