Southern California Rotorcraft Association

PRESS RELEASE – PHPA Submits Drone Recommendations to FAA

Last month, we advised our members that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was soliciting input from the aviation community regarding future regulations affecting drone operations.

PHPA representatives submitted a response based on our discussions with several key players, including helicopter operators, drone operators, air traffic controllers and others. Our submittal is attached below, but here are a quick list of some of our recommendations.

Altitude limits (200′ AGL)
Different classes based on weight, with additional limitations
Delay larger weight ranges pending further experimentation
Expand and continue the COA approach for certain categories
Aircraft markings for day visibility
Tracking capability / geolocation
Speed limitations (50 mph)
Airspace restrictions
Expanded operator training including real world orientation flight
Insurance requirements of substantial nature
and more.

These devices are permanently changing the helicopter industry in many ways beyond the issues of safety (paramount) and into the issues of cost efficient methodologies and markets for hover-capable craft.

We will keep you updated on future developments.

PHPA Board of Directors

Download the Press Release (below) to see the full text of the commentary submitted to the FAA.

PDFPress Release – Downloadable Version