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EAA: Action Needed Quickly in Support of Santa Monica Airport

Our friends at the EAA are helping with the fight to keep Santa Monica Airport open, as airport opponents are stepping up their efforts. Please read the advisory below for information on how you can help us win this fight.


EAA Government Relations Notice

Action Needed Quickly in Support of Santa Monica Airport

EAA is rallying its members in Southern California to support keeping Santa Monica Airport open. The airport continues to fight for its survival as local residents, in conjunction with the City of Santa Monica, push for measures that could lead to the airport’s closure. Their efforts have now moved to Washington D.C., where U.S. Representatives Ted Lieu (CA-33) and Karen Bass (CA-37) will meet with FAA Associate Administrator for Airports Eduardo Angeles on July 8th to discuss the future of the airport.

After the failure of a local ballot measure that would have prohibited the City of Santa Monica from placing further restrictions on the airport without voter approval, those who oppose the airport’s continued operation are more motivated than ever to close it. The City of Santa Monica is currently in a legal fight with the FAA to determine whether or not it can take property away from the airport and the City Council is also pressing to restrict leases for airport tenants. Now, opponents of the airport have received endorsements from Representatives Lieu and Bass for a seven-point plan that would effectively shut it down.

Santa Monica airport is an essential element of the local community’s economy and infrastructure. Its closure would eliminate 175 businesses and 1,500 jobs, as well as displace more than 200 aircraft based on the airport. In addition to the economic impact, closing the airport would eliminate a major component of the area’s disaster relief capabilities.

Act Now

Santa Monica Airport’s opponents are pushing for 1,000 letters to be sent to Representatives Lieu and Bass demanding its closure. The Santa Monica Airport Association needs help in showing government officials in both Santa Monica and Washington D.C. that grassroots support for this historic airport remains strong. EAA encourages its members to contact Representatives Lieu and Bass using the link below to show their support for Santa Monica Airport. The Representatives will only be accepting letters until June 30th, so act quickly!