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FAA: Helicopter VFR Voluntary Beacon Codes Test Outreach

Federal Aviation Administration
OSG Western Service Area

Notice Number: NOTC5537
Issued: 08/20/2014 1926 (UTC)
Effective: 09/01/2014 1200 (UTC)
OSG Western Service Area
Letter to Airmen: LTA-OSGW-2

Cancellation: 02/27/2015 1200 (UTC)

Subject: Voluntary Beacon Codes for Helicopter Operations

To increase situational awareness of Air Traffic Control, the FAA has reserved discrete codes for VFR helicopters operating within the defined airspace around Los Angeles (LA) California.

General Aviation VFR Rotorcraft are asked to Squawk Mode 3 code 1205 and First Responder/Law Enforcement aircraft are asked to Squawk Mode 3 Code 1206 when operating VFR at and below 6000 feet MSL while in the lateral confines of:

Starting at approximately the Northwestern tip of Santa Catalina Island, on a line to California Route 27, following California Route 27, to California Route 118, to US Interstate-210, to California Route 210, to US Interstate-10, to California Route 79, to California Route 74, to US Interstate-5, to California Route 1, to San Juan Creek then, to the Southeastern point of Santa Catalina Island, along all Western coast of Santa Catalina Island, to the Northwestern tip of Santa Catalina Island.

All airmen, fixed wing and rotorcraft are reminded to use the Mode 3 Code 1201, when operating in the lateral confines of the LA Special Flight Rules Corridor.

These unique Mode 3 codes, should only be utilized when operating VFR in the defined area. Mode 3 Codes that are prearranged with the FAA should be used in lieu of utilizing these codes. Requests for VFR advisories should be made to the appropriate air traffic facility and the Mode 3 Code assigned by ATC squawked.

For further information contact Mindy Wright at 425-203-4530
or Victoria A. Roach at 425-203-4567

Clark Desing
Air Traffic Manager, OSG Western Service Area

For Graphic Depiction of Chart please see:

Also attached is a powerpoint for further information:

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